The discovery of the source

From the Duke of Vendôme, who ordered the road to Fuente en Segures to be opened so that his carriage could go along it, to the popularization of its mineral properties -medicinal, thanks to Doctor Puigvert- Agua de Benassal has been steeped in tradition, elegance and the know-how of yesterday.

More than a century ago, this liquid pleasure was extracted from the same natural source. Today, we can still allow ourselves the luxury of having Agua de Benassal on our table, giving it that touch of unparalleled distinction and elegance. Every year, thousands of holidaymakers flock to the Fuente en Segures spring to reap the benefits of its exceptional properties.


Declared a medicinal mineral water and public utility in 1928

Its medicinal mineral properties have been historically recognised, converting it into a water that doctors such as Dr. Puigvert recommended for kidney conditions and general health. Agua de Benassal enjoys a balanced and exceptional chemical composition, a low mineral content and is rich in calcium and bicarbonate.

Innovation and know-how

Since 2005, the Fuente en Segures source has been managed by the company Aigua de Benassal S.A., a company 100% owned by the City Council. Agua de Benassal’s new bottling plant opened in 2003.