Benassal Water Benefits

A study from the University of Valencia helps us understand the benefits of Benassal Water

  • Due to its chemical composition, it is classified as oligometallic/weak mineralized water, since its dry residue is less than 500md/dl. Its main components are bicarbonate and calcium, but it cannot be classified as bicarbonate water, since the bicarbonate concentration does not exceed 600mg/l. This makes it ideal for daily consumption and for achieving healthy hydration, even for the most sensitive populations, including pregnant women and young children.
  • It is a hyposodic water, which means it has low sodium content, below 20mg/l, meeting the requirements for recommended use in the reconstitution of formula milk for infants.
  • Benassal water has a negligible concentration of chlorine and other disinfectants, minimizing the risk derived from long-term consumption, as compared to tap water and other waters.
  • It has a very low concentration of nitrates and nitrites, as well as aluminum, arsenic and other minor components, all of which could lead to long-term toxicity or problems in pregnant and lactating women.
  • ts composition is ideal for blood pressure and, thus, protect against kidney and cardiovascular problems, since it is very low in sodium. In addition, it has a significant bicarbonate content, an ideal composition that is difficult to find.
  • Its high calcium content contributes to lower blood pressure. For all these reasons, its regular consumption would have very favorable effects in hypertensive people or people with a tendency to hypertension.
  • Its optimal composition in sodium, bicarbonate and calcium minimize the formation of the most frequent kidney stones and prevent recurrences in susceptible people, protecting against renal colic.
  • Beneficial for osteoporosis due to its high calcium content compared to other mineral waters, as well as its basic pH. It has favorable effects in minimizing bone loss.
  • Digestive effect due to its bicarbonate content and low sodium concentrations, as well as diuretic effects that can help optimize weight loss in weight loss diets.

Benassal water and sports

Ergogenic aid and effects in sports

The composition of Benassal water contains substances that improve control, efficiency and energy production in the body. This means that consumption of this water enhances:

  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Delay of muscle fatigue
  • Acceleration of recovery

From Agua de Benassal we offer you a series of general recommendations when training for a competition:

  • Start controlling your fluid intake three days before any competition
  • Drink around 400-600 ml of liquid from 2 h to 30 min before the competition.
  • During the competition drink small sips at regular intervals to avoid dehydration.
  • After activity, the goal is to recover the liquids and electrolytes.


Agua de Benassal is more than natural mineral water; it is nature, health, culture, gastronomy, experiences…