Free visit to the Old Town.

Stroll its cobbled streets and wander among arcades and castles

Standing at an altitude of 800 to 900 meters above sea level, Benassal is located in the north-western area of the province of Castellon and is part of the Alt Maestrat region. It is nestled in a middle mountain area where the Iberian and the Catalan mountain ranges meet. Benassal borders with the towns of Vistabella, Villafranca, Ares del Maestrat, Villar de Canes, and Culla.
During a visit to the historic center, the Mola Castle from the 13th century stands out, as well as the arches and towers of the wall that used to delimit the town’s oldest core site. Some of the top highlights are the Gothic-style Mola portal, built between the years 1240-1250 during the Templar occupation, which is the original part of the Virgen de la Asunción Church. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Font de Dalt, a medieval furnace located near Callo de la Mola.

Discover the facilities and the production process

Conoce las instalaciones y el proceso productivo

Agua de Benassal offers guided tours to its facilities to share its history, its most outstanding recognitions, and the production process of all the products currently marketed.

Departure: En Segures Fountain Spring, Duration: 1 h approx.
Minimum Group: 15 people; Price: € 1/person; Gift: One 0.33 cl. bottle of Benassal Water
Visiting hours: From June to September, every Wednesday at 12 h; from October to May, by prior reservation.

Guided Tour No. 2 Carles Salvador Museum and Spring

Discover the life of this famous Valencian poet and grammarian

Discover the figure of Carles Salvador and all his legacy by touring the streets of Benassal and visiting the museum room dedicated to the author’s work. Afterwards, tour the facilities of Agua de Benassal.

Departure: Carles Salvador Museum Room; Duration: 2h 30min approx.
Minimum Group: 15 people; Price: € 3/person
Visiting hours: Agreed by reservation

Guided Tour No. 3 Museum, Rivet Setting and Spring

An epitome of Valencian oak forest

Guided visit to the municipal natural setting El Rivet of Benassal. Discover this natural setting along the botanical trail that runs through the forest. Visit the museum room and the facilities of the En Segures Fountain Spring.

Departure: Carles Salvador Museum Room; Duration: 4h approx.
Minimum Group: 15 people; Price: € 5/person
Visiting hours: Agreed by reservation


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