Comprometidos con el deporte

Agua de Benassal strongly supports the relationship between sports and good health.

Collaboration with different clubs and sports events.

Agua de Benassal defines itself as a dynamic, innovative company, committed to the world of health and sports. Proof of this is our collaboration in various sporting events. Our commitment is based on supporting athletes who are concerned about improving their physical abilities with the regulation of water intake before and during activity.

Official water of CD Castellon

Agua de Benassal’s water, considered one of the best mineral waters in the world, is the official water of Club Deportivo Castellon.

This alliance comes to reinforce the link between the brand and sports. Agua de Benassal continues to expand its support for the most outstanding sports events and clubs in the province, with special impetus for those that are close to the perennial En Segures Fountain spring.

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Agua de Benassal is more than natural mineral water; it is nature, health, culture, gastronomy, experiences…