The Alt Maestrat Region

A diverse landscape rich in flora, fauna and hiking routes

One of Castellon’s natural landscapes is Alt Maestrat, stretching majestically amongst plains, valleys, ravines and mountains, and creating an environment in the purest and wildest of forms.
Nature intermingles with the remnants of distant times, which gave origin to its history and identity, such as rock art sites, fountains, farmhouses, and stone constructions. The region has numerous areas of great ecological value. These give shelter to an extensive variety of flora and fauna. They also allow the practice of different natural activities. The towns of Alt Maestrat have signposted routes and numerous approved trails to enjoy amazing tours, either on foot, bike, or horseback.

Rivet Natural Setting

An epitome of Valencian oak forest

Fairly close, you’ll find the Municipal Natural Setting “El Rivet”. A magnificent Valencian oak and holm oak forest where you can admire fantastic views of the town. This place is highly appreciated by the residents of Benassal and is the perfect setting to be in contact with nature.

The Municipal Natural Setting “El Rivet” is located in the easternmost foothills of the external Iberian/Aragonese range, on the northern slope of the Sant Cristòfol hill, with a predominantly N-NW orientation. Standing at an altitude of about 900 meters, it offers beautiful panoramic views of the impressive Maestrat mountains; an immense scenery of Molas and ravines through which sublime rivers and watercourses flow.


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