Good gastronomy prefers Agua de Benassal

Due to its flavor, chemical properties and table presentation, it is one of the best valued gourmet waters.

The characteristic flavor of Agua de Benassal is mainly due to its chemical composition and is the reason why many people and specialized shops prefer it. Flavor is, therefore, a value to be preserved in the way we manage Agua de Benassal, for which daily examinations are carried out to control the stability in the composition and quality of the water.

Many restaurant professionals choose this water to accompany their dishes, for reasons that include both table presentation and magnificent taste, as endorsed by the numerous taste awards harvested in recent years. We can say that these professionals are standard-bearers of our firm since they help us publicize both the brand and the product.

In gratitude to that family of restaurateurs who trust our product, we have created the Benassal Gastronomic Club, a project aimed at promoting good gastronomy and highlighting businesses that promote local gastronomy.

What does Agua de Benassal taste like? This is our tasting note by David Bruch.

  • Very bright, crystalline, low density water. Very mild mineral smell and other almost negligible aromas.
  • In the mouth, it has a balanced, friendly entry, with almost negligible sweet notes; a very low level of salinity, practically non-existent; mild acidity; and a light, gentle, elegantyet short-lastingnote.
  • Soft, delicate and balanced, while still having a pleasant flavor and a well-defined structure, with a moderate and elegant finish.
  • Moderate aftertaste, with a pleasant sensation in the mouth at the end.
  • Complex, tasty water; rich in perfectly complementing nuances.


Agua de Benassal is more than natural mineral water; it is nature, health, culture, gastronomy, experiences…