27 March, 2018

The “Dehydration and Driving study” from Loughborough University and the European Hydration Institute equates the effects of dehydration at the wheel with that of a driver with 0.8 g/l of blood alcohol.


Lane drifting, late braking and crossing the lane line are driver errors that can be caused by dehydration.


In addition, a 2% decrease in water in the body, according to a report by the Institute for Water and Health Research (IIAS), significantly increases the reaction time, causes momentary decrease in memory and decrease in attention


Thus, proper hydration behind the wheel is very important, even better when done with water, since experts, such as Health Sciences professor, dietitian-nutritionist and biologist Juan Revenga, warn of the dangers of soft drinks. The amount of sugar they contain makes them harmful to our health as shown by independent studies that relate these drinks directly to weight gain.


Drinking a cup of coffee could increase alertness a little in some situations but, in general, the best solution for thirst, including behind the wheel, is always water, and what better than quality water like Benassal water..