We preserve the health of the spring

Our environmental protection policy helps preserve the natural site.

Our project is committed to the conservation of the environment; that is why we implement a treaty of good practices both in the production process and through the conservation of our rural environment.

In the production process, both in the extraction phase and in the bottling phase, we carry out a policy of good practices in the area of ​​recycling, reuse and energy optimization; in this way, we manage to control the impact on the environment.

In addition, as a protection measure for the natural site that surrounds the En Segures Fountain Spring, an environmental security perimeter has been created with the purpose of ​​preventing leaks derived from livestock, agricultural and industrial activities. This prevents contamination and/or filtration of substances that could alter the composition of the waters and, consequently, its properties. This security perimeter, which covers 1km around, contributes to the preservation of the spring and the natural site that surrounds it.

Furthermore, the exploitation of the spring is protected and limited to a maximum production of 10 million liters per year; this ensures a sustainable production of this natural resource.


Agua de Benassal is more than natural mineral water; it is nature, health, culture, gastronomy, experiences…