Benassal, more than a town

Social action and local development

BAgua de Benassal is not only a medicinal-mineral water brand. Through various communication actions it contributes to the promotion of local social actions and the promotion of the town of Benassal.

Agua de Benassal supports and promotes events related to associations that carry out social actions to help in the research of diseases and/or support the sick. Entities such as Alcer Castalia, Le Cadó Foundation against Breast Cancer, the Barcelona Solidarity Train, the Castelló Mental Illness Race, and others, have been selected for their social relevance to host events sponsored by Agua de Benassal. Follow our social events in the Solidarity News section.

Likewise, Agua de Benassal contributes to the boosting of local activity in Benassal by engaging in popular events and promoting scheduled tours to both the En Segures Fountain Spring and the town’s historical and cultural heritage. You can follow our local actions in the Local News section.


Agua de Benassal is more than natural mineral water; it is nature, health, culture, gastronomy, experiences…